How we built a digital marketing strategy tailor-made to a SaaS company in the FinTech sector

Our client:

A SaaS company in the FinTech sector.


The company was looking to invest in a digital marketing strategy to define which strategic pillars they should invest in to achieve their ambitious growth objectives. They decided they wanted to move away from cold calling as their main lead generation source. They reached out to The House of Marketing for help with the development and implementation of their digital strategy and roadmap.


  • We defined their personas and mapped their customer journeys through co-creation workshops.
  • We organized a funnel ideation workshop to brainstorm about new acquisition channels, as well as ways to activate their base and increase their revenue.
  • We conducted a SEO, social media and website audit.


We delivered a ready-to-implement digital growth plan, including:​

  • A strategy one-pager ​
  • Customer journey development
  • Content strategy​
  • SEO, social media and website optimization recos ​
  • A detailed lead generation plan​
  • Tool selection for lead generation 2.0 ​
  • A business case from CPL (Cost Per Lead) to the required media budget
  • A concrete action plan mapped on a timeline

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