How we guided a retail company towards a sustainable content calendar in only 4 workshops

Our client:

A retail company in need for a content strategy.


Our client sought to create a content plan that went beyond the classic way of working (mainly folder)​. In order to achieve that, new content or more amplification of existing content was needed​. They requested support from The House of Marketing to create a richer content calendar.


Our team organized 4 workshops to co-create a sustainable content plan in line with the client’s vision.

  • Workshop 1: We created a common understanding with the team on vision and mission of the brand and clearly defined jobs-to-be-done.
  • Workshop 2: We helped the team to better understand their customer by defining personas and creating customer journey maps with a focus on the main touchpoints.
  • Workshop 3: We created relevant content themes by merging the vision and mission of the company with the needs of their customer.
  • Workshop 4: We helped translate the content themes into an actionable plan i.e.: determined how to generate value, generated a content plan per theme and defined the mix between Hygiene, Hero and Hub content.


  • Clearly defined the jobs do be done.
  • Identified a new persona.
  • Mapped out the customer journey of the two main customer touchpoints.
  • Created a clear and actionable content plan.
  • Transferred our knowledge to the client to allow them to continue working independently.

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