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The House of Marketing expands its services with a permanent recruitment offering 

Marketing all-rounders have become a rare breed with technological developments and market evolutions steadily increasing the demand for specialised marketing profiles. The House of Marketing helps companies fill their marketing positions quickly with targeted strategies. ‘This is something we have been doing for years through temporary staffing and consultancy, but more recently, we have also become a partner in permanent recruiting‘, Thomas Peeters explains. 

the current tight labour market, attracting specialised profiles has become a job in itself, which is why employers are increasingly turning to partners who know the talent market like the back of their hand. For 30 years, The House of Marketing (THoM) has been matching talents with in-demand specialist marketing profiles for companies through consultancy and temporary staffing. Besides solving the staffing crisis, the aim is to give organisations quick and targeted access to the marketing knowledge and skills they need.


Talent search for marketing profiles


‘Starting this year, we have expanded our services even further to include Talent Search,’ says Thomas Peeters, Head of New Business at THoM. ‘Companies looking to hire marketing specialists on a permanent basis can now also rely on us to recruit and select these experts.’ This includes selecting the best candidates based on in-depth market knowledge and an extensive talent network. Thomas Peeters emphasises that THoM matches and approaches talents and employers as a marketer rather than a classic recruiter.  

‘Marketing is all about detecting customer needs and developing the right solutions for them. And that is exactly what we do when we search and select marketing talent for companies: we start by identifying which profiles a company needs, translating those needs into the required competencies and, finally, matching these profiles with the right candidates. As a marketing company, we can continuously adjust these competencies to today’s needs.’  


The talent side is no different. ‘The candidate’s experience is still too much underestimated today. And recruitment is still often transactional. But the success of recruitment starts from the very first contact. We approach candidates as equal customers: we accurately connect the interests and expectations of marketing talents with the needs and corporate culture of an organization. This creates the ideal match,” he says. 


More than searching and attracting


In addition to finding suitable candidates for companies, Talent Search for marketing profiles also taps into a wealth of information that may never be mined otherwise, including honest feedback on how companies are perceived by the talent pool to data on competitors and the job market, including salary, fringe benefits and working conditions. ‘Companies also gain new insights into HR and their employer brand thanks to Talent Search, which helps them make even better decisions,’ Thomas Peeters concludes. ‘After their onboarding, we can continue to assist talents with coaching and training as well as help companies with the talent management of their marketing team.’  

‘We approach candidates as equal customers: we accurately connect the interests and expectations of marketing talent with an organization’s needs and culture.’ 


Thomas Peeters, Head of New Business at The House of Marketing

Wheel of Growth 1

Wheel of Growth

THoM uses its Wheel of Growth methodology for marketing roles, which revolves around 5 domains to get the right person in the right place. This approach also reveals how diverse, complex and specialised marketing profiles have become today. 


  • Who: this includes marketers focusing on specific customer or market insights, such as research or customer experience managers.  
  • What: focuses on developing marketing of specific products or services, the remit of product and brand managers. 
  • How: how do we convey messages to the market? We rely on the expertise of, among others, communications, and go-to-market managers. 
  • Which: this relates to technology, the remit of CRM managers, marketing automation specialists, and so on. 
  • Vision: focuses on marketing strategies and the know-how of marketing directors and strategic project managers.