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A strong brand is  the most valuable (and often underestimated) asset of your organization. The most successful companies of today take the time needed to invest in their brand strategy. They use their brand – not their product – as a critical growth engine to drive preference, customer loyalty, maintain price premium and help recruit talent in a highly competitive market.

At The House of Marketing we help sharpen your brand strategy. Based on our 4C analysis and our unique Brand Positioning House©, supported by validation, we help you to define your unique brand positioning and strengthen your team’s brand management skills.

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Define your unique brand positioning

Positioning is at the heart and essence of brand strategy. Through positioning, businesses can create a clear understanding of who they are, what sets them apart, and why customers should use their products and services over those of competitors. It might sound simple, but it won’t be to get there.

At The House Of Marketing we have developed our own Brand Positioning House© that we use for positioning challenges. This framework is built on a solid foundation of insights (4C analysis) supported by qualitative and quantitative validation.

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Still thinking if you need to revamp your brand strategy?

  • I’m in a highly competitive market and I want to differentiate myself from the competition.
  • The perception of my brand is not how we wanted it to be perceived.
  • I have a complex portfolio. My customers and even employees are lost.
  • I lack focus in my brand strategy, I want to do everything for all type of customers.
  • I have a growing (B2B) business, but a lot of prospects do not even know what we stand for

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