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Brand Positioning for Boels

Our team helped find Boels’ ideal positioning, given the needs of their customers, the strength of their competitors and the DNA of their organization.

“Flowresulting’s expertise and methodologies really helped us to achieve a sharp, distinctive and widely supported positioning.”

– Tom Hendrikx​, Manager Corporate Communication at Boels Rental


Brand positioning Boels ​

  • Selection of the three most relevant and distinctive domains aligned with the strengths of the company, validated in qualitative and quantitative research.
  • Most important present and future proof aligned with selected positioning domains
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The client

Boels offers more than just the best rental solutions for your project. They have a broad range of services to support you and they make sure that you can always get on with your work. Even for unique challenges or in emergency situations, Boels is always there to provide the most suitable solution. Hands-on and willing to go the extra mile, that’s the Boels mentality.

With more than 400 branches across Europe, Boels’ large rental fleet consists of new and high-quality machines, tools and equipment. From construction logistics to industrial rental and from climate control to access control

The Challenge

A strong brand is one of the most important assets of a company. Boels wanted to know what is the ideal brand positioning, the desired perception of the brand? What makes Boels relevant, distinctive and unique in the eyes of the customers and stakeholders?

The Objective

The objective of this project was to arrive at a positioning that offers support and direction for Boels’ activities in the short and long term, their employees in their daily work and for customers in their choice of and satisfaction with Boels.​

The Result

Through interviews with internal business and country directors, we identified issues as requiring attention or as opportunities. Through interviews with clients, we pointed out the most and least important features when choosing a party to hire machines and the most and least important benefits Boels should contribute to. With external interviews, we saw what the most relevant positioning domains were according to clients. That is how we determined the “sweet spot” positioning of Boels. To validate the positioning, the present and the future proof we executed an extensive quantitative research.

Final Word

The combination of the three selected domains is effective and long-lasting.


  • The domains are infinite goals: Infinite goals give direction for the long term and on this basis Boels can continue to improve.
  • Focus on benefits, not on features or advantages: The focus on benefits rather than features or advantages makes it harder for the competition to copy Boels. The position has therefor a more long-lasting competitive advantage.
  •  Combine functional and emotional benefits: B2B brands often focus on functional benefits alone. However, research on brand positioning shows that emotion is a key element of a successful positioning, also in B2B.

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