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How we helped a leading Dutch telco and entertainment company to concretize a North Star vision and develop tactics to move towards it

Our client: 

A leading telecommunications and entertainment company in the Netherlands.

Our interdisciplinary team:

  • Business design and innovation from Customer Collective
  • Business design and innovation from The House of Marketing
  • Senior marketing consultant from The House of Marketing
  • Managing director from The House of Marketing

Duration of the project:

Our consultants worked on the project for 2 weeks.


Many new (Over-The-Top) players are entering the TV and streaming market. Companies such as Netflix and Disney+ engage directly with customers based on top-notch content and a strong(er) user experience. Traditional linear TV is losing popularity and viewing behavior is changing. Consumers are massively subscribing to online streaming services and often use alternative channels such as social media for video content.

Our client wants to maintain their leadership in the home and wanted to develop a strategy for this. The key challenges were to:

  • Achieve an integrated & attractive TV & streaming offering (platform thinking, aggregation) with killer value propositions to convince both customers and OTT partners
  • Translate the future state into a feasible phased roadmap whilst redesigning all aspects of the business


We applied a 4-week pressure cooker approach:

  1. Structured vast amounts of available information & insights for the group to have a clear and same starting point
  2. Set up an ecosystem of (potential) customers, partners, suppliers such as OTT players and thought leaders to feed the process and remain engaged on the innovation journey
  3. Designed and led a 4-day sprint during which we defined a vision & mission, customer and partner segmentation, value propositions, portfolio, pricing, customer (digital) experience, business casing & organizational design. It was our role to give focus and customer direction to the group as well as to insert new concepts and align stakeholders
  4. In the weeks to follow, we detailed and validated all that was defined above with the ecosystem and create the final presentation to senior leadership


By the end of the project, our consultants had reached the following results:

  • A solid & aligned North Star vision for their entertainment proposition
  • A phased portfolio & bundle strategy towards North Star, with clear value propositions for consumers & OTTs in each phase
  • A future-proof internal roadmap, organizational design as-is versus to-be, and financial impact
  • Recommendations for an improved customer experience and new concept
  • Approval on next steps by senior leadership

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