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How we put an international pharmaceutical company on the desired path towards efficient collaboration

Our client:

An international pharmaceutical company.


The client wanted to introduce a new structure for its marketing teams across 3 continents (99 FTEs in Europe, North America & Asia-Pacific). They sought to install a global marketing team to ensure the most efficient and synergistic approach. Overall, they were seeking a more customer centric and data driven approach.

They gave a mandate to The House of Marketing to:

  • Do a deep dive in the marketing structure of their regional teams
  • Give a proposal for a new global structure
  • Implement a new way of working via processes and tools


1. Aspirational Phase

We defined the to-be vision and ambition, and created a capability framework.

2. Diagnostic Phase

We gained understanding of the as-is situation through qualitative interviews, online surveys, and a digital maturity audit.

3. Designing Phase

We developed blueprints for each team with detailed job descriptions and number of FTEs.

4. Implementation Phase

We developed tools for implementation, including mapping out processes and creating several templates.


We integrated a new structure by installing a global team:

  • We analyzed the as-is context via interviews with 30+ stakeholders in the different teams, an internal survey and a digital maturity scan.
  • Together with the global team, we aligned on the vision, ambition & key KPI’s.
  • We created an overview of strategic capabilities that are needed for this ambition.
  • We developed a blueprint of the new marketing organization, including a detailed organization chart with roles, number of FTEs and clearly defined job descriptions.
  • We defined a clear overview of main processes to be tackled (with crucial areas of collaboration).

We also worked on the implementation:

  • We mapped out key processes in the global-local collaboration.
  • We designed tools and templates to support the new way-of-working.

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