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Pricing Strategy: How to capture the full value you’re providing

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The prices you set for your products and services are at the core of your business. So how do you set prices? Today we discuss pricing strategy together with Cédric Fumière, Senior Consulting Manager and Pricing expert at The House of Marketing.

Cédric shares with us what value based pricing is and how to set it up in B2C, in B2B and how this methodology helped a single client capturing and additional 5 000 000 €.

We follow a clear framework. But first, no matter if you’re in B2C or B2B: what does your customer want?


Fast forward

What are we talking about?
01:17 – Meet Cédric
02:30 – The science of pricing
04:20 – Pricing is fun!

Let’s dig deeper
06:41 – The methodologies to set up a price:
• cost-based pricing
• competition-based pricing
• value-based pricing

Value-based pricing, concretely
13:20 – A case in B2C, explained step by step
22:30 – A second case, this one in B2B, explained step by step

In the studio