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How I found my way to marketing consulting

I thought I was on the way to a VP position at a large multinational. I had spent several years after university working my way up the corporate ladder, eager to explore different opportunities at renowned companies such as Microsoft, Sony, Whirlpool and AB-InBev. More than once I had been able to switch roles to accommodate my never-ending need for new challenges. I was rewarded quite well for my performance and eagerness, yet I never felt truly at ease in any of the roles I was in.
I was usually fine for a few months, perhaps a year. Then the itch started coming back. It took 8 years for me to discover that I was lacking two things: an environment which embraces change and the possibility to continuously grow professionally and be challenged on areas that mattered to me.

The urge to find something different

After having spent 8 years at 3 different companies, my heart already knew that my next role would not be in another multinational. But my mind was holding me back: “Think of the perks! But everybody appreciates me! But what about all the possibilities I’m getting?”

Not to mention my parents telling me not to leave such a great company. Funny enough, it was my dad who inspired me to look at consulting. He had been a consultant his entire life, which is probably why I wasn’t initially looking at consultancy. It seemed like he spent most of his time at work away from home. That wasn’t the life I had mapped out  for myself.

But then I stumbled upon The House of Marketing after a Google search on marketing in Belgium. I did not get that consultancy vibe. This seemed like a company which had a more familiar vibe, a bit more out there than the big four of this world and seemed to be on top of the marketing game.

I decided to send my CV, to get a sense of what they were all about. Before I knew it, I was spending 5 days immersed with other new joiners in a hands-on case for a not for profit organization which The House of Marketing organizes every year. A great way to get to know the teams, work collaboratively with true marketing experts and feel rewarded for helping a company which aims to improve other people’s lives. I had never experienced anything like it before. And I wasn’t even officially on the payroll yet!

What The House of Marketing means to me 

When I did start at The House of Marketing, for real this time, I was immediately offered a chance to work on a project for a large telecom company based in Amsterdam. I ended up spending an entire year there, being an integral part of their marketing team and building new value propositions for different countries in a diverse international setting.

It was out of my comfort zone, and yet so comforting as I had the support of other consultants with expertise in the sector and the subject matter. I felt like they had my back. And they have ever since. It made me realize that whatever the future has in store for me, I will always actively look for companies which encourage collaboration, embrace innovation, let you have a go at something even when it might lead to perceived failure and allow you to define and create your own destiny. I believe I’ve found all that at The House of Marketing.